My name is Samantha and I’m in high school now! Freshman year;D wooohooo!! Dont check my spelling cause im not that great at it! After all, im a teenager!…and I do teenage things 😀 Duhh!  I put lots of smileys on posts and texts! Actually, I kinda write like I’m TEXTING, because it’s kinda what I do best! LOL

Hmmm…. what else can I tell you about me…? Oh, I sing, I dance! (Well, I can’t really sing that well and I dance like IN FRONT of the MIRROR!) But, whatever it’s how I have fun!

I am an aspiring Fashion Designer… and I WILL be BIG in the future so be nice! 😉  I like making jewelry and accessories like headbands and purses and stuff. I can’t really draw that well yet, so I do most of my designing on my iPad (there’s a cool app for design I found). I sew… yeah, I SEW like on a REAL SEWING machine!

I love listening to music and watching videos.

This blog is mostly about my experiences as a high school student. I hope to have lots of adventures to share~ so stay tuned!


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