Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Awarness

April 24, 2011

Having a baby is a wonderful thing in life, but not when you are a teen. Adults who have children are mostly done with school and went to collage already, they have a good working job, have a reasonable amount of money, a good home, and someone they really love and plan to live their life with. On the other hand teens who have children have a harder time finishing school,  get into collage, have to work longer, don’t have enough money, live with there parents and end up being single. That’s bad enough but teens like to have fun too and having a child means staying in more and not going to parties or its harder for them to find someone to be in a relationship with. Pregnant teens and teen mothers are already ruining there life and I want to help girl who are baby free stay like that and live life better and happier.

Teens have many different reasons for getting pregnant and having children, and its usually because of the way they feel, the people they are around, whats going on in the community, and sometimes the parents they have. Some teens don’t have caring parents which could mean that they don’t really know where their kids are at or maybe they  don’t talk to their kids much or they just don’t show much love to their kids. That make teens feel like they are not cared for or loved and they will try to find love with a boy just to feel cared for. Also many time they see how their friends are getting pregnant and they might think its not to bad but really, her friends will be going through some trouble.

I read a blog about a girl who had a baby and it was much harder to care for as a teen. But at the same time she was losing her best friend. She had to be home taking care of her baby. Her friend didn’t invite her to movie nights or parties and she never wanted to visit because she didn’t want to be around the baby and hear it cry.   I personally think that’s just being a bad friend but it happens!

This is an excerpt from a pregnant teen her self who wants to help prevent pregnancy for teens and is trying to put awareness out there:

“I currently am seventeen years old and I am pregnant. I have had to make the hardest decision(s) of my life regarding this child, including, Abortion, Adoption, Keeping the baby, What is best for the baby, etc. I don’t want any teen to have to go through this, because it is harder than I ever thought it was. I also want to prevent any more teens from intentionally getting pregnant. I have a personal blog that I run and update daily on my life, this experience, and this issue. It does not glamorize teen pregnancy, but gives the “real deal” from somebody who is experiencing it. I am also participating in a documentary on national television regarding this issue. I just want to prevent teen pregnancy as much as I can, and spread awareness.”

If you would like to continue reading her blog post for more information you can click here.

Teens sometimes feel pressured by a guy to do things and that how girl get pregnant if they don’t have protection or the guy is really making her do it. You can say you are abstinence witch is not having sex. If a guy doesn’t respect that then he is just is not the right guy for you. If you would like to know more about abstinence check out this  page. Also if you need help on pregnancy, on getting protection, or if you just want some information check out planned parenthood.

Lots of teens have ruined  life and been more stressed out and made hard choices and decision because of being pregnant and being a teen mother. I’m just trying to help girls live life instead of  working way to hard. Hope you live a great and smart life!

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