A Day in the Life of a HS Freshman

September 3, 2010


When I’m in the car each morning on my way to school I just think about how my day will be IN school!!  And this is how it goes for me every day.

I have English first period and I hate to go to that class because I feel so uncomfortable. This kid tells his friends every time I walk in” Hey!” and gives him the looked that im there. He does that because supposedly the kid likes me, but I don’t think so. Anyways, I get uncomfortable cause I feel like I have to be perfect when I walk in. I cant look like crap every time I walk in the class now!

Then I have web design and I’m not so great on the computers but I love to see these two girls in that class because they dress really cute. And that gives me ideas on my designs and also on what I should buy to wear in school. And then I get to algebra and I love my teacher. He is real tall and young but he is really funny! I think hes cool.

Next is my social studies class but all I do is take notes and try to get through the class. I herd these two girls talking about who are nerds and who is cool, and they said shes a nerd..shes a nerd and I’m hoping they were not talking about me! Because I’m the AWSOMEST person! If thats a word! 😀 But its all good, cause when I become famous they are going to want to meet me and ill be like nahh…you don’t talk to nerds!!

Okay back to my classes, after social studies I go to science..or I should call it Biology…but the only thing I think about is trying to make friends in that class because I sit in a table with three girls and there are nice. And finally lunch and I can hang out with viviana! (my best friend). I dont have her in any classes so that why i LOVE lunch! The I go to spanish, and I already know that ill be walking faast to my locker and getting my spanish book and then walking FAST to CLASS!

But finally I think about the end of the day! My last period! It always feels like the shortest period. 7th period is reading! But we hardly do work in there..well we do do work of course! But it really easy!

And that is how I think of my day every morning!! 🙂 and since I wrote about how my day will be today, I’m going to go start it!!!

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