Who Put me in this LUNCH?!

August 29, 2010

So I finally get my schedule for my Freshman year at Freedom high school and I’m like “UMMM…. NOO!”

High school is supposed to be some of the best  years of  my life, and I’m not starting it like this! According to my FCAT scores I get put in HONORS Algebra & INTENSIVE Reading?? So does that mean they think I’m too smart for regular algebra and NOT smart enough for regular reading?!!!! Now I don’t get a third elective. I guess guitar will have to wait until sophomore year.

Well I ended up having no friends in my classes. So my only hope is that “A” lunch will have familiar faces, but NO ONE!! And that ended my not so great first day OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! So you think I’m going to stay in these dumb classes!! you’re crazy!! Right  when I got home I said ” Mom! get on the computer and get me out of those classes and put in “B” lunch!”  The second day was just like the first. Same classes, same lunch, same dumb day! But thank the lord that day because I e-mailed my guidance counselor and BEGGED him to fix up that messed up schedule of mine. I didn’t hear from him that night so I thought Wednesday was going to be the same as the rest! But Noooo!!! 😀 Mr.Bradford came to my first period class and saved me from the horrible third day of school! I ended up getting “B” lunch and a regular algebra class! Wellllll..different teachers but better school year! Thank Heavens for Mr.Bradford!  I now think this will be the best school year just because I get to see my friends.

Huhh.. “A” lunch!!!  Not my lunch…NOT my problem!!! Thats what I say 😉

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